Detergents and industrial cleaning products require safe and resistant packaging. The design of our products solves the problem of maintaining packaging integrity during the distribution, transport, filling and storage phases in order to improve the appearance of products at both points of sale and points of use. And, of course, they reduce the risks caused by hazardous materials.

Envaplast gives you confidence to transport your products anywhere. Our packaging’s excellent sealing properties and high resistance to impact and stacking make them a safe, quality option.

The technology we use satisfies the requirements of practically all cleaning and detergent products, offering a wide range of products both in different formats and sizes.

Stackable Series

16 September, 2016

Q Series

19 September, 2016

B63 Series

7 September, 2016

Bucket Series

16 September, 2016

P Series

16 September, 2016

Jar series

17 September, 2016