Achieving sustainable development

To follow principles of sustainable development, our company must adopt a new responsible approach, minimising the environmental impact of our business. Commitment to sustainable development shapes our behaviour in this area. The fulfilment of our commitments is actively promoted by the company management: it is an integral part of our daily work and is permanently subject to monitoring and improvement.
As part of our sustainable growth strategy, we are committed to our long-term vision. This vision includes:

-Achieving sustainable development
-Using 100% renewable energy to power our company
-Eliminating waste from manufacturing processes
-Designing products which simultaneously satisfy clients and maximise resource conservation
-Using LED lighting.

It’s time to determine when we will have achieved sustainable development by identifying aspects of this goal we consider to be crucial. These aspects can form the foundation of our work towards sustainability.

Pertinent matters will be identified by focusing on the aspects of sustainability which are important and relevant to our company’s stakeholders. We are members of the Green Company Club promoted by COEPA.

Using 100% renewable energy

Reducing waste from manufacturing processes

Envaplast goes further in its commitment to protecting the environment by using renewable energy. 100% of the electricity supplied to the company comes from renewable sources. This helps us to save and improve energy efficiency.

The renewable energy supply is certified by the Spanish National Market and Competition Commission.

As part of our drive to use resources efficiently, we are focusing on minimising the waste generated during our production processes

All our production systems are programmed to recover waste generated during the manufacture of containers and return it to our machines.

Designing products which maximise resource conservation

LED lighting in our facilities

At Envaplast sustainability is connected to the innovation process. Thanks to systematic procedures and measures, we are constantly developing innovative product and production systems solutions which offer clients and consumers better value and better performance with a lower environmental impact.

Envaplast has committed to using LED lighting in all its facilities. LEDs use less electricity than conventional bulbs and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 60%.

Moreover, they do not contain any tungsten or mercury which means they are easy to recycle and comply with European RoHS regulations regarding polluting substances.

Sustainability Report

Being sustainable is Envaplast’s active and voluntary contribution to environmental improvement. The Annual Sustainability Report is considered a strategic document that reflects our commitment to the environment and drives us to make sustainable development a motive for innovation.

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