Technical support

We have a great Technical Support Department to provide expert advice to our clients.

Envaplast’s staff are committed to development and innovation in our client relationships and this translates into a competitive advantage for both parties. We commit to:

– Providing personalised technical support and services to clients

– Developing new products together with clients in key projects

– Promoting consistency in quality and product competitiveness

– Establishing and continuously updating the technical specifications of products

– Providing advice from technical staff regarding filling containers and sealing caps

– Highlighting the demands and needs of the market

– Finding and developing new markets and client relationships by developing new products and continuously improving our existing ones

– Giving training courses to our clients

– Participating in and collaborating with national and international bodies and institutions in our field of activity.

“We strive for daily improvement to achieve excellence in all our processes and products.”

Envaplast offers clients all its innovative, human and material resources, allowing them to benefit from the considerable experience of our technical team, working with the most advanced equipment.