Complete packaging solutions

We offer a full range of packaging solutions to provide our clients with a single source of packaging supply and management. .

By becoming a packaging supply hub, we can coordinate the purchase, production and delivery of a wide range of packaging products such as containers, bottles, jerrycans, caps and other components.

As we manage contact with suppliers, acting as a single point of contact for our clients, they can use fewer resources in procurement and administration, therefore benefiting from streamlined logistics and handling thanks to fewer deliveries. They can also achieve further cost savings due to our ability to make just-in-time deliveries from stock, allowing clients to optimise the use of their warehouse.

We also hold buffer stocks to ensure we do not run out of product. All this equates to less working capital being tied up in our clients’ packaging procurement. Products are delivered ready to be used, increasing productivity on our clients’ packaging lines.


– A single point of contact; a single source of supply to cover a complete range of packaging.

– Reduction in working capital tied up in packaging procurement.

– Reduction in administration costs.

– Optimisation of client’s warehousing thanks to just in time deliveries.

– Reduction in inbound deliveries, in turn reducing logistics and handling costs.