Envaplast offers a range of tamper-evident caps to preserve packaged liquids. We provide various solutions developed to adapt to our containers. Each Envaplast closure solution meets all legal requirements and adapts to all filling systems. We provide closure solutions for various sectors including the chemical, detergent, agricultural and food industries.

We offer a range of caps which fit containers with 40 lb, din.61 or din.63 necks.

We provide:

– Containers and closures designed to protect the properties and specifications of the contents.

– Safe product handling with automatic capping machines

– Easy opening caps with low unscrewing torque for end users.

– Caps with a high resistance to cracking due to the qualities of the raw materials used.

– A flexible service and quick delivery times.

– A personalised service and technical advice.

40 lb Cap

Din. 61 Cap

Din. 63 Cap

Profit plug with degassing valve

Available in caps 40lb, din 61 y din 63